How to Help Your Kids Thrive While Distance Learning

(Without having to quit your job and become a full-time teacher)

Homeschool Lifeline’s Distance Learning Course contains two hours of self-paced video lessons that will help you organize and oversee your children’s remote learning while maximizing your own time to accomplish your personal or professional goals as well.

My Distance Learning Course Takes Modules From the Homeschool Essentials Course and Combines them with Some Brand New Distance Learning Modules For Parents Who Want To:

Schools may be closed, but class is still in session. Now what?

These are unprecedented times.

Many people have gotten used to working from home by now, but what do you do when you add “teacher’s aid” to your already filled plate?

Your home environment can easily turn into chaos if you don’t plan accordingly.

Wherever you are on your stay-at-home journey, let me be a guide by your side and help you get through this! What you’re doing is going to take some sacrifices, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

Be encouraged! What seems like a gloomy situation could easily be turned into a special season of bonding and closeness. If you do it right, you could even look back at this time with fond memories.

Let’s be proactive and plan for success!

Introducing... Homeschool Lifeline's Distance Learning Course

I created this course to help people who have suddenly found themselves overseeing their children’s education while working a full time job.

In this course, I include some of the most relevant modules from my Homeschool Essentials course alongside brand new content specific to distance learning.

With these tips and tricks of the trade you’ll be better prepared to not only take on this new normal, but end each day with a feeling of accomplishment.

Picture this:

Parents are calmly overseeing everyone’s schedules and fostering goal achievement for each day…

Children are looking forward to learning…

AND families are coming together—to make memories with one another that will last a lifetime.

Hang in there. It can be done.

Miss B

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Homeschool Lifeline

Discover How to Work From Home While Helping Your Kids School From Home.

Here's Exactly What's In This Distance Learning Course

Module 1: Intro to Remote Learning

Find out how to make sure your kids are aligned with district standards and aren't falling behind. Learn about some great resources to keep your kids busy in between or after their learning sessions.

Module 2: Big Picture Dos & Don'ts

Set the stage for what will work and won't work for your family. Not every child learns the same way. Not every family has the same challenges. Sometimes putting more work in the beginning, saves you time in the end.

Module 3: Creating Schedules & Routines

If you want your days to function like a well-oiled machine, you have to have a plan for success. Learn how to get everyone on the same page and plan for problem situations that might come up.

Module 4: Learning Spaces & Organization

Each distance learning setup iand each family is unique, but if you can find what works for you by fostering a positive environment and staying organized, everyone will feel a lot more empowered and successful.

Module 5: Motivation & On-Task Behavior

You might not have a classroom of 30 children, but make no mistake, sometimes learning from home can provide enough distraction for even the most dedicated students. In this module, we'll cover strategies that can help you and your children thrive and stay on task.

Module 6: Summation

Conclude your journey with a few other tips and tricks that will help you along the way, and be encouraged that you don't have to go at this alone.

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Distance Learning

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Here's What People Have to Say About Working With Me!

"I was nervous about homeschooling and had a lot of questions, and she was right there to help. She's awesome! A very brilliant mind, but I need someone to bring it down to simple terms for me, and she was great at all of that. We just love Miss B. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I'd take it!"
(Homeschool Parent and Homeschool Coaching Group Member)
Colorado Springs, CO
"I'm so thankful I found Miss B's coaching group! As a first-time homeschooling mom, I was pretty overwhelmed with how to approach teaching my littles. I came away with some great tips and resources I didn't even know were available, and I discovered that it's not as complicated as I was making it out to be."
(Homeschool Coaching Group Member)
Colorado Springs, CO
"Getting connected with you was just really powerful. It will stay with me, probably forever! Hands down, it’s better than anything I’ve seen and the difference it makes in lives is just amazing. I’m just really grateful you chose this career path because you’re just so good at it. We’re forever grateful for that. After our time with you, we noticed a tremendous difference. We can’t speak highly enough of all that you do. I can’t say enough how much our child has transformed in profound ways. Words don’t express the extent of it. We are so thankful. It was the best decision we have ever made for our daughter."
(Homeschool Parent)
Dublin, VA
"Bethany provided conscientious mentorship that enabled me to work effectively with [our] students across all grade levels. She was incredibly knowledgeable, polished, and professional. Her impressive classroom management ideas allowed her to maximize instructional time and learning; it is no wonder that her students were at or ahead of other students in the same grade level. Bethany was deservedly respected and loved by her students, administrators, and fellow teachers!"
(Former Teacher Aide to Miss B)
Colorado Springs, CO
"[Miss B's] leadership and teaching model gave our department a well-deserved reputation for excellence. She was able to clearly demonstrate a broad spectrum of teaching methods to all her collaborators, both fellow employees and volunteers. The tips and techniques she coached us in facilitated engaging students of all ages. Her methods, especially with the younger students, demonstrably enabled the students to gain the necessary skills to perform well, and more often above grade level. Using her diverse teaching tactics empowered students from all the learning styles to learn new skills."
(Former Teacher Aide to Miss B)
Arlington, VA

My Distance Learning Course gives you the tools you need to position your children for success in this new distance learning atmosphere so you can continue to juggle your own responsibilities well.

Homeschool Lifeline

I’m a licensed teacher in the state of Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction.

I live in Colorado with my husband and two children. Shortly after getting married and becoming pregnant with our first child, I was able to leave my full-time job as an educational coach and ESL teacher for PK-8th students to become a full-time mom and help homeschool my nieces.

As a teacher by trade, I naturally began teaching my children the basics prior to them becoming school age. I filled that teaching urge by offering local, homeschool group classes and coaching homeschool parents.

Fast forward to today—I’m excited to take my coaching online with the launch of my Homeschool Lifeline video courses.

I hope to be a guide by your side during this exciting adventure on which you’ve chosen to embark!

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Frequently Asked Questions

After my first child was born, my brother asked me to start homeschool groups from my home for his own girls to attend, and my nieces became some of the many children who would come through my doors over the next several years. This branched out into coaching groups for homeschool parents as well. In launching these Homeschool Lifeline courses, I’ve pulled from my extensive teaching background, my public school coaching background, as well as my own experience being homeschooled to create a “best of both worlds” approach to help children and parents/teachers alike on their homeschool journey.

Absolutely! Though you may have already figured out the laws of your state and chosen your curriculum, you will greatly benefit from the tips and tricks I put out there for utilizing learning styles, organizing your schedules and setting up routines, addressing learning struggles, understanding different philosophies of homeschooling, and making learning clear and fun!

Yes! Though my teaching license may be from Colorado, great homeschool instructional strategies apply everywhere! When content is covered that may vary from state to state (such as laws, co-ops, etc.), I provide resources and tips on how to find the answers you are looking for along with general ideas and feedback that will help you along the way.

Upon purchasing the course, you will receive an email with instructions on how to login to view the video lessons through our platform. You will be able to create a login and password to access this class directly for any future course viewings.

Enrollment in this course lasts for as long as this course is available (the lifetime of the course).

I also have an online coaching group you can join where you can ask family-specific questions and join Q&A video conferences to help you along your journey.

Yes! My goal is to film PK-6th grade mini-lessons in each subject area and to include those as a perk to my coaching group members. There you can learn from my modeling on how to teach, and your kids can have a teacher via video to supplement their other learning. Eventually, these will constitute as courses on their own that you can purchase individually according to content subject and/or grade level. To be notified as this and other new Homeschool Lifeline materials become available, sign up for my email newsletter.